1. Linear Relations Among Galois Conjugates Over F_q(t) (with John Yin)
    Research in Number Theory 8 (34), (2022)
    Link |     Article |     arxiv

  2. On an Algorithm Converging to Hyperstochastic Tensors (with John Yin)
    Linear and Multilinear Algebra.   Letter to the Editor. (2022)

  3. Support Equalities Among Ribbon Schur Functions (with M. Gaetz and S. Sridhar)
    The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 26 (3), (2019) #P3.52
    Link |    pdf |     arxiv

  4. Packing tree degree sequences (with A. Gollakota and I. Miklós)
    Graphs and Combinatorics (2020)
    Link |    pdf |     arxiv